River of Delights

They drink their fill of the abundance of Your house; And You give them to drink of the river of your delights.” (Psalm 36:8, NAS)

River of Delights

Four rivers watered the Garden of Eden. These rivers represented the beauty of life sustained by the hand of God (Genesis 2:10) The rivers displayed to Adam and Eve God’s abundance. He gave them a great provision of water. The Psalmist David alludes to God’s desire to give us the same pleasures or blessings these rivers afforded the first man and woman.

“You give them drink from your river of delights,” he writes in Psalm 36:8. The word “delights” is the Hebrew word for “Eden.”God invites you to the river where he offers the waters of Eden to flow from within you giving you spiritual abundance.He offers joy and satisfaction beyond your imagination.

Consider the depth, and width of God’s love for you. So deep, it cannot be crossed and so wide, it cannot be traversed. The Lord will be a place of broad rivers and streams, a place of abundant provision. (Isaiah 33:21)

Allow God to fill your life with his delights and his abundant love.

Dear God, I desire the water that you offer, the spiritual abundance. I don’t know how your love can be so broad that it extends to me. But Jesus, I accept your love. Please be the delight of my soul. Amen


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