Mothers, Arise

Mothers, Arise!

“They ceased in Israel, until I, Deborah, arose,
Arose, a mother in Israel (Judges 5:7, KJV).”

The Hebrew word “Em,” meaning mother can be defined as follows: A mother is the one that bore children creating a family. A mother is the key role in the bonding or knitting together of a family.

But wrapped up in this word, “Em,” is a mother or leader that procreates a nation to the glory of God. In the verse “Arose, a mother in Israel,” the word mother is used figuratively as Deborah nurtured Israel toward being a god-fearing nation.

In the literal birth of a nation, Sarah delivered one child from whom came twelve children and the twelve tribes of Israel. This was the birth of the nation of Israel.

God gives us children to raise and nurture for Christian leadership, as Deborah led. Mothers, like Sarah, through the birth of one child, we can create generations upon generations of God-fearing families, literally a nation. We are still nation builders.

God values Christian upbringing for the salvation of the individual and the purpose of creating nations that will stand for Him. Deborah stood for God when those like her had ceased in Israel. Our times are similar. But God calls mothers to arise! Perhaps you stand alone in your family as a Christian. Repeat to yourself, “They ceased in my family, until I, ___(your name)_____, arose. Arose, a mother in America.”

Mothers, arise! Take this generation for the glory of God.


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