A Full Day

The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter until the full light of the day. –Proverbs 4:18

On this brisk Alaskan day, the sun shone into the hospital room where Linda laid. She was in great pain from recent surgery. Her day was not as bright as the sun outside. But as I talked to her, I was reminded me of the verse I had memorized that morning, Proverbs 4:18.  Just as the dawn comes over the Alaskan mountains, and the sun rises higher and brighter in the sky, so would be our days. Brighter and brighter the sun would shine until we came to a full day.

Each of us needs the sun to shine in our lives for a different reason. We might be walking down a path where we need healing. We might be needing news that our financial despairs will not last forever. But the promise says that the days of the righteous will shine brighter and brighter. Then it says, we will come to a full day, a perfectly established, wonderful day.

When we come to a “full day,” we look back and say, “So that was His purpose in sending me down such a path.” The purpose of our days and his guiding light is to prepare us, ready us, and establish us for the “full day.”

Linda’s would not be in the hospital forever. She would heal from this surgery, and she would come to a full day, a bright and beautiful day.

Lord, thank you for traveling with me down the path. Thank you for making my days brighter and brighter. I know the darkness I feel today will turn to light as I pray and trust your Word. Amen.


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