About Valerie

Writing’s my passion. In elementary school, I wrote a fiction story about a teenage boy blinded when a fire cracker blew up in his face. Since that day I’ve followed after my dream of being a writer. The journey has taken me from the factories of Indiana to the rolling hills of Missouri. Today I live and work at the farthest Northern edge of the Rocky Mountains known as the Chugach range in Eagle River, AK. Here the love of God continues to fill my mind with a desire to write and creativity for every part of my life.

Ashlynn Joy, my eight year old, told me, “Mom, I know what your job is.”

Curious about her interpretation, I asked, “What?”

She said, “Driving us everywhere.”

She’s right!  As a homeschool Mom of five children, one of my more time consuming jobs is driving them to various events including: basketball practice, harp lessons, science classes, geography club, and church activities.

I like this quote: “The best way to keep children home is to make the home atmosphere pleasant — and let the air out of the tires.” Dorothy Parker

I’m also a school teacher, a licensed minister, and a minister’s wife. I have tons of opportunities for joy in the work place. But the spot where I find the most bliss is at home spending time with my husband and children.

Contact Valerie at valerieburgess@mcaonline.org

or valerieburgess@valerieburgess.com



  1. Hi Val:

    I just wanted to let you know that I did check into your web site. Very nice pictures.

    Pastor Carlson

  2. Hi Val,
    Great job on your website. I’m inspired to get mine up and launched a.s.a.p. I’ll let you know when.

    Terri Picone

  3. Terri, I enjoyed seeing you again at the conference. I could see the love of God weaving peace and hope into your life. Keep spreading it to others.

  4. Val,
    This is a wonderful site and I pray that you will continue to expand your “communication” skills as a writer which I know you are doing but I pray also that many others will get invited to your blog so they too can be blessed. I am thrilled that you asked me to view your site and I pray that it will bless others and be used in God’s kingdom to transform lives. You are truly a blessing here and I admire all the many things you do – May God richly bless as you serve Him!

  5. Valerie,
    Thank you for including me in your email. I have enjoyed your site very much. You are a wonderful person and so filled with the spirit of God. Again, thank you. Vicki

  6. Hi Vicki, Thanks for still thinking that even after we worked together for a few years. It’s good to hear from you. Val

  7. Great blog. Keep up the good work!

  8. I am enjoying your blog. I am so glad you took the risk to display your love of family, writing and teaching. The atmosphere is loving and inviting.

  9. Valerie – I am so glad to see you doing this. May the Lord bless you in this venture. Thanks for the encouragement you bring form this site.

  10. I enjoyed getting to know you a little bit on the bus ride last night. Keep living your life as a bold testimony of Christ!

  11. I hope you guys are doing well! We are busy. I am thinking about homeschooling Alec next year. Email me with some ideas!

  12. Hey mom! Just wanted to leave a little encouragement for you! You are awesome and I love you! I hope the level of your passion for ministry shoots to the heavens and I pray that your love for God is evident to everyone you touch.

    You son 🙂

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