Posted by: valerieburgess | March 5, 2009

Eat Supper With Jesus

            Salads, fruits, candies, delicacies, wines, cheeses, meats and other gourmet offerings await and entice us. Daniel sat at the king’s table, but he knew it wasn’t offering a meal that led to life. He refused the abundance of the king’s table for food God had prescribed for the Jewish people of his day to eat. He made a choice that led to an abundance of wisdom, direction by the Spirit, and life.  (See Daniel 1:8:-21.) As Christians God calls us to his vast table of provision, but unlike Daniel, many of us chose to walk away enticed by the worldly feast that the media and others offer.

            Make a choice to sit at the right table. The television screen, theaters and the internet offers mainstream ideals that aren’t in line with the righteousness of Christ. Recently I watched the television show “Law and Order,” I realized the producers and actors were trying to order my life by giving “rightness” to sin. Later that night, I watched late night television for the first time in a few years. I was shocked at the meal of divisiveness and promiscuousness that it had to offer. These shows were making choices or creating a table that set parameters for laws and correctness which attempted to rearrange my thoughts on “rightness.” Their choices, their decisions, their displays of “right” thinking might have had great effect on me if I had not known the “righteousness” of Christ. Their table was set in opposition to the biblical thought, the Word of Christ and my spirit recognized it.  As Christians, God calls us to eat at His table of abundant provision, not one set by the enemy. When we eat at His table, it doesn’t mean our enemies are excluded or that there won’t be opposition, but God is preparing the table and its meal is vast, filled with life.

            In one of the last great scenes prior to his death, Christ sat at a table with his enemy. He didn’t treat his enemy with contempt. He simply accepted him. But as He accepted him, he also let him know that what He was doing was not right. He confronted the enemy. Let’s take a look at that scene.

            Jesus reclines about the table with his 12 disciples, all whom Jesus loves. But as He sits he knows that many prophecies written in the Old Testament will soon be fulfilled. To his disciples, those who have chosen to follow his name and teachings, He says, “He who has shared my bread has lifted up his heel against me” (Psalm 41:9, John 13:18).

            These words spoken by David in the Psalms and fulfilled in his life were prophetically proclaimed as well. Jesus through his spirit knows that someone who shares this Last Supper with him will “lift up his heel” against him just like a horse kicks the master who owns and feeds him.

            John and Simon Peter look at each other quizzically as Jesus says these words. Everyone at the table seems startled and at a loss for explanation. John reclining closest to the Messiah leans back on Jesus and asks, “Lord, who is it?”

            Jesus explains that it’s the one He will share bread with. He didn’t decline to share bread with his enemy. He knew that the power of God was greater than the power of his enemy. But he did confront him at His table of provision.

            Jesus shares his bread with his enemy and tells him to do what he has to do quickly.

            Judas, the treasurer for the disciples, takes the bread and after eating it exits hastily. He leaves into the night. It is a dark, cold night entered by this enemy of the Messiah. He separates himself from the table of Jesus’ provision where fellowship and wisdom are being shared. He trades what God has to offer for the teachings of a world that is avarice for their own lordship.

            Often we walk away from the table of the Lord for our own choices. This choice leads us into the darkest of nights where we don’t know what will happen.

            I recall a gentleman respected by the community and the church who chose to find a female lover, someone seemingly more enticing than his wife. This was not the first time he made this choice. He continually walked further and further away from the Lord’s table of provision preferring the fantasies of a promiscuous lifestyle. But as he sat at the table with this woman, as he shared bread with her, change happened. He recognized his sin and tried to escape the consequences. But he had shared his bread one too many times. The woman who enticed became an enemy stalking his children and himself. It ended in a dark night of death for himself and his former lover who pulled a gun on them both. The world eats with stalkers every day. They are out to distract and kill. Jesus recognized his enemy and confronted him at the table.

            We need to recognize the enemies of our souls. When we sit down to eat, we need to know and understand who is our enemy and that the consequences of following the enemy lead to a double death.

            Jesus sat at the table with his enemy and he knew it. The Bible says that “Jesus was troubled in spirit.” When you sit at the table that the television, movies, computer dramas, and secular music has to offer, is your spirit troubled? Listen to your spirit that’s led by the Holy Spirit. Confront the enemy that sits at your table. Don’t let the drama of death over your soul continue. Stop it. Devour the feast of fellowship with Christ that leads to health and life.

            Jesus said, “I’ve come that you might have life and have it more abundantly” John 10:10. Sit down at the table of Jesus. Realize that his abundant provision leads to life and life eternal. It’s satisfying. It’s filling. It tastes great and goes down smooth. Be a Daniel who chooses the Lord’s provisions over the enticements of those who desire to lord it over this world, who rule this world with divisiveness.

            Have supper with Jesus and be wise.


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