Posted by: valerieburgess | November 14, 2008

One Brother’s View of Another

(My youngest son writes about his older brother)


As I walked into the clay arts building, I noticed my brother Zane’s clay “Screaming Eagle Whistle” drowned in ribbons. He had won best in show and division champion. Every time people see his art they say, “You got talent.” Besides drawing, painting, and sculpting my brother also likes creating art on the computer and printing it on to clothing.  We have a t-shirt printing machine at our church. We sell t-shirts and other kinds of clothing as a fundraiser for our youth group. Zane enjoys using his art for Jesus.


My brother was coming up the final hill to the finish line. He was two feet behind the next runner. Then Zane started sprinting up the hill. The runner ahead of him didn’t expect a thing. Everyone was yelling, “Run, Zane, run!”  They were neck and neck, and they where both sprinting there hardest. Then boom! They both ran across the finish line. Zane won! Zane is really good at sports. Other then being on the cross country team, my brother plays for a home school basketball team that practices at the Boys and Girls Club. They practice at 6 am. He must really be committed to basketball if he wants to get up at that time of day. They are called the Anchorage Rams. They go against other Christian schools and some high schools.


My brother also likes music. He plays the piano in a band called Fire Exit. He also took guitar lessons until he quit. But some times he still plays guitar in his room or at church for the fun of it.


It was quiet, too quiet. I grabbed my drum sticks and started banging on the drums. My brother Zane yelled stop, but I couldn’t hear him. Then he yelled in my ear to calm down, but I ignored him. So he picked up his school work and stomped upstairs. My brother and I are opposites. My brother is really quiet. He really loves silence when he does his school work.  He rarely ever talks if he doesn’t have to, especially when he does school work. My brother studies a ton. I have no clue why. He even studies on Saturday and Sunday.  My mom says he’s studious. 


My brother adores American Eagle clothing. He likes their jeans that are really tight, like tighter than tight could be tight, like I can’t even run less speed walk like that. My brother also likes small tight shirts, like shirts that are at his waist band. I don’t see how he could wear shirts that are that small. He even has shirts and hoodies that are my size.  Compared to his near six foot body, it doesn’t seem like he should be wearing adult small.



  1. That was sure great writing about your bro. I loved the part about his art and how he uses his talents. Keep up the great writing, Zion

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