Posted by: valerieburgess | November 11, 2008

Brownies in God’s Perfect Time

Trusting His Timing

Read Ecclesiastes 3


“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1, NIV).”


When the brownies came out of the oven in a less than perfect state, I complained to God, “Why again will I eat most of this deep brown goop by myself despite a household of seven possible devourers?”


I muttered, “I just don’t understand the timing of brownies. I observed this pan of brownies, and it seemed to be done.” Some people can make perfect brownies. My judgment is way off.


In great disappointment over my lack of brownie judgment, I prayed for wisdom. God answered this atypical prayer in an unusual way. He guided me to apply my brownie mess to the muddle I often make of my personal life.


Regularly, I question the seasons and days as God plans them for me. Why didn’t He provide that job when I asked? Why are my answers delayed? When considering timing, I observe the current circumstances of my life. This includes examining the temperature and climate of the moment as well as the state of affairs that seem desperate. I think, “Now’s the time for God to pull that pan of brownies out of the oven and provide for my needs.”


But God says, “The timing’s not right. My understanding is limitless. Let me help you when and how you need it most.”


Waiting on God’s timing is a lot like waiting on my brownies. They smell scrumptious, and I practically drool with anticipation. It’s the same with God, I know every good and wonderful gift comes from the Father above.  So I’m always anxious.


I grab my oven mitt and pull out the pan. I scoop out a spoonful of brownie mixture hoping that when it cools off it will transform into perfectly soft, cake-like bites. But the smell fools me. My stomach tussles with the facts. I didn’t give the delectable dessert the proper time to bake. When I jump ahead of God’s timing, My Savior always forgives me despite the great mess I make.


David relinquished his life to God. He said, “My times are in your hands (Psalm 31:15, NIV).”


It took a pan of brownies to remind me that when I despair, God is never disparate.  My judgments are impaired, but God’s timing is perfect.





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