Posted by: valerieburgess | October 29, 2008

Awake, Arise, and Don’t Be Afraid

Awake, Arise, and Don’t be Afraid.


Awake, women!

Judges 5:12


The day had ended. I had fallen into the habit of beating myself up with words, and I felt spiritually distraught. After a long day, I fell asleep. But in my morning devotions I heard God cry out through his Word, “Awake! Awake!”


God’s Word said to me, I need to awaken myself to the deception of the evil one. I Corinthians 3:18-20 reminds us that what man thinks is wise is generally pure foolishness. Don’t be deceived by the words of this world, even those in the Christian world who think themselves wise.


“Let him become a fool that he may become wise (I Corinthians 3:18, RSV).”  When the world casts us aside, become a fool for Him. When there seems like nothing but despair on every side, awake to the call of Christ within you. Respond as Christ rouses your Spirit.


“All things are yours whether . . .  the world or life or death or the present or the future—all are yours, and you are of Christ, and Christ is of God (I Corinthians 3:21-23, NIV).”


Awake, to the deceptive practice of the evil one who wants to convince you that your life is worth nothing. Awake to the fact that you, mothers and daughters, are of Christ connected directly to and loved of God with a plan and purpose of building the kingdom of God.


Mothers, Arise!

Judges 5:7

The Hebrew word “Em,” meaning mother can be defined as follows: A mother is the one that bore children creating a family. A mother is the key role in the bonding or knitting together of a family. But wrapped up in this word, “Em,” is a mother or leader that procreates a nation to the glory of God. Judges 5:7 says,  “Arose, a mother in Israel.” The word mother is used figuratively as Deborah nurtured Israel toward being a god-fearing nation once again.

In the literal birth of a nation, Sarah delivered one child from whom came twelve children and the twelve tribes of Israel. This was the birth of the nation of Israel. As mothers or part of the passing generation, we might fall for the world’s deception that our lives have nothing to offer. We even listen to words, perhaps generated by our own thoughts, that its time to turn the battle over to the younger generation. Remember Deborah’s words: “Mothers, arise!”

God gives us children to raise and nurture for Christian leadership, a nation to bring into battle, as Deborah led. Mothers, like Sarah, through the birth of one child, we can create generations upon generations of God-fearing families, literally a nation. We are still nation builders.

Deborah stood for God when those like her had ceased in Israel. Our times are similar. But God calls mothers to arise! Perhaps you stand alone in your family as a Christian. Repeat to yourself, “They ceased in my family, until I, ___(your name)_____, arose. Arose, a mother in Christ.”

Mothers, arise! Take this generation for the glory of God.

My Daughter, Don’t Be Afraid

Ruth 3:11


And all of you, daughters young and old, don’t be afraid. Be bold. Be brave. Be courageous for you are of Christ. The word daughter comes from the Hebrew word “to build,” as to build a family or a generation upon. Daughters, God is building this generation and His movement in this generation upon you.


As I read the story of Ruth, Boaz’s words to Ruth as she sat at his feet desiring to be his wife sent my heart whirling. I fell even more unquenchably in love with Jesus.  I was surprised by His great, bold kindness.


I listened in my heart as Boaz spoke to Ruth. Instead of hearing Boaz, I heard Christ. Instead of Christ speaking to Ruth, He resolutely spoke to me with softness, sincerity, and love that I’m not sure I’ve experienced before. I heard God say, “And now, my daughter, fear not. I will do for you all you require, for all my people in the city know that you are a woman of strength (worth, bravery, capability) (Ruth 3:11, Amp.)”


Through His beautiful, refreshing words, I understood that He would do all that I desire, because my desires were bent in His desires. I was relieved, when I understood that God knew my heart was strong, worthy, brave, capable, and available for Him. I too set at His feet as a bride ready for the groom.


God speaks. He knows your heart. He’s molding, preparing, and building it up for what He desires.


We are all far from perfect. I fall asleep every night knowing, recognizing the sins of my day and asking for forgiveness. In a busy life full of motherhood, work, and being a wife, I just couldn’t make it except by the grace of God. But I hear God saying in all that busyness, “My daughter, don’t be afraid.”


Do not be deceived or allow your heart to fear, because God doesn’t expect perfection just a willing heart motivated by the love of God. He sees us as daughters of worth, not cast aside.


Awake, Arise, and Don’t be Afraid!

Joel 2:28


In love God awakens each of us out of our spiritual sleep, and He says, “Arise.” Then He counters, “And now.” That means not later, but immediately.  When he says, “My daughter,” those words are directed to you—the strong one who God can count on to help build this generation. So “Don’t be afraid.” You are of Christ.


Joel 2:28 says, “And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.”


Daughters and mothers, God wants to pour his Spirit out on all of us, his people. Don’t be deceived into thinking you are unworthy or cast aside. All includes you.


Mothers and daughters, young and old! Awake, arise, and don’t be afraid.


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