Posted by: valerieburgess | July 12, 2008

Better Than A Ball Game

The thrills, the shouts, and the enthusiasm of a Little League All-Star game don’t match the excitement of the Word of God when it touches my soul. Softballs fly, roll, and pop aggressively around me. The crowd comes to their feet cheering “All for the red team stand up and holler.” But the appellation of the Lord Jesus Christ, His divine and eternal nature, His intercession for me at the right hand of God, brings me to my feet in worship every time. It gives lift to my soul. I’m a ball flying out of the park.


A friend of mind reads the Bible and repeats the word “delicious” as she digests the knowledge of God’s love that the Word provides. The popcorn and pizza from the Sugar Shack can’t beat the delicacies of God’s Word.


A red and blue blur flashes by and slides into home plate only six feet away. My souls elated, not by the homerun, but by the Word of God laid open across my lap. As I study and memorize, I perceive that His Word always hits a grand slam. The Father’s love slides into my heart redeeming me, freeing me, and calling me safely home.


There’s nothing that thrills my soul like Jesus. The World Series couldn’t match the exhilaration and adrenaline God’s Word sends this world weary soul.




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